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Community Benefit Contributions
Community Benefit Contribution Policy and Application Form

The Owensboro Rotary Club has a long history of supporting community projects that make Owensboro a better place in which to work and live. Each year the club, through the Owensboro Rotary Club Foundation, makes financial contributions to eligible community organizations in four areas: 1) Health and Human Services, 2) Civic Programs, 3) Education, and 4) Culture and the Arts. Organizations must follow an application process to be considered for a Community Benefit Contribution.

Rotary Youth Fund

The Rotary Youth Fund program helps students prepare for the beginning of school each year and provides continued assistance throughout the school year. The Youth Fund provides funding for school supplies, haircuts, physicals, vision exams and glasses, dental care, immunizations and much more. The program is funded by the Owensboro Rotary Club and the Hager Foundation and is implemented through the Family Resource/Youth Services Centers of the Owensboro Public Schools, the Daviess County Public Schools, and the Owensboro Catholic Schools. 

Ugandan water wellUgandan Clean Water Initiative

Lack of safe, clean water is one of the most serious problems plaguing the our planet.  In response to this humanitarian concern, the Owensboro Rotary Club, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island, Washington and Rotary International, has supported the drilling of several boreholes in the Kaberamaido district of Uganda, Africa. 

Owensboro Rotary "PlayZeum"

In 2002 the Owensboro Rotary Club adopted the major challenge of constructing of an indoor playground for area families. The facility, housed at the Owensboro Area Museum of Science and History, provides children, their parents, grandparents or caregivers a place to play when inclement weather would otherwise keep them indoors. Owensboro Rotarians consider the "PlayZeum" an important investment in healthier and happier families.  More about the indoor playground...

Accelerated Reader Project

The club acknowledges its appreciation to weekly program speakers by donating books from the schools' Accelerated Reader Lists to the local public library in their honor. A bookplate affixed to the inside front cover of each book bears the name of the speaker and a place for his/her signature along with a notation that the item was donated to the library in his/her honor.

The Owensboro Rotary Club also participates in community service projects such as Salvation Army bell ringing.

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